As of 26 October, 2017 I am no longer maintaining the Unofficial Archive. The current version will stay online – however I will not fix any issues or add more works.

The Unofficial Archive

Shared Reflections by Jon Stam

Shared Reflections

Photo by Lisa Klappe

Contemporary art spaces are institutes without collections. Their stories evolve onsite in real-time, thereby posing an interesting challenge: how do you design a past with institutes predominantly dedicated to the cutting edge of the present? My research explores how participatory documentation can shape a new institutional and social memory. Shared Reflections is a convex mirror that merges a digital reflection of the past with the actual reflection of the present. The project empowers visitors to capture a memory of their experience — making a memory for others to witness. A memory is activated when one pulls the mirror’s string, causing the capture of a security camera image, which is then displayed within the mirror’s frame. The result is a double-image of both then and now, you and the other. Shared Reflections is a shared experience between alternate time, one that is ready to be reactivated and appropriated to create a future memory.