As of 26 October, 2017 I am no longer maintaining the Unofficial Archive. The current version will stay online – however I will not fix any issues or add more works.

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Leather Series by Thomas van Rongen

Leather Series

Photo by Femke Rijerman

The supple and at the same time tough characteristics of leather have inspired Thomas van Rongen. He has brought the two properties together into a single piece of leather and used this to create his Leather Series: a backpack, laptop sleeve and a credit card holder for men. The hard-wearing bottom parts of the products have been pressed inside a mould, adding strength to the leather and ensuring that it forms a safe cover for its content. The products are closed by folding or rolling up the supple upper part of the leather. Hand-stitched synthetic yarns and 3D-printed fasteners form a contrast with the traditional feel of the leather.