As of 26 October, 2017 I am no longer maintaining the Unofficial Archive. The current version will stay online – however I will not fix any issues or add more works.

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Growth and Shrinkage by Harm van den Nieuwenhof

Growth and Shrinkage

Photo by René van der Hulst

Most of the objects around us are static: they will not grow or shrink in synch with their surroundings, the way nature will. But this flexible cupboard Growth and Shrinkage will do just that. Harm van den Nieuwenhof has captured the cycle of growing and shrinking in a technological application. His design will grow from a tiny box into a fully-fledged cupboard that can be adjusted to the circumstances. If the need for storage space is limited, it will allow the user to prune it, like a plant, until it has the desired compact size. And if the demand for space increases, it will have enough slack to allow you to create more space.