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The National Ecological High-Voltage Network
by Lucas Zoutendijk

According to the plans, the Ecologische Hoofd Structuur (EHS, the National Ecological Network) should be ready in 2018: a network connecting areas of natural beauty in order to prevent animals and plants from becoming extinct through isolation. Easier said than done; the deadline is in danger of being missed. Lucas Zoutendijk has spotted opportunities in the Dutch national grid that cuts right through the cities and the countryside. The space around the pylons and cables cannot be used for building, so that the high-voltage lines up in the air draw a network of long, unused strips along the ground as well. By creating the right circumstances here, these could become corridors for plants and animals. In his atlas of the National Ecological High-Voltage Network, Zoutendijk demonstrates how two networks could be combined, and how the corridors could be designed so that the animals will begin migrating.

Lucas Zoutendijk

The National Ecological High-Voltage Network

Photo by Joost Govers