As of 26 October, 2017 I am no longer maintaining the Unofficial Archive. The current version will stay online – however I will not fix any issues or add more works.

The Unofficial Archive

Street Assembly Line by Aldo Cancino Estrada

Street Assembly Line

Photo by Femke Rijerman

Autonomy and creativity are two concepts – closely related but rarely connected – that can help shape life, and improve our social lives. The capacity of individuals to create is a starting point for finding solutions and bringing ideas to life. Street vendors are common in developing countries. They master a skill or a material, while designers from the creative industry generate ideas. This project is aimed at developing a platform where these two worlds connect, to work together as one, generating products and value by using rooted knowledge and skills in a different combination. A Street Creative Platform is proposed as a bridge to bring together ‘ideas’ and ‘making’ into an assembly line that will show the possibilities of working together. It is intended to (r)evolve the social structure to build a grassroots creative platform.